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SPARC Holding

The Innovation Group

Participations in companies

One of the core areas of SPARC Holding is the investment in companies and the pursuit of new, innovative business concepts. Within SPARC Holding, two active business lines are currently being brought to market: 

SPARC Exposure Solutions

(Base Company SPARC Performance Concepts Ltd.)


SPARC Exposure Solutions

SPARC Exposure Solutions focuses on providing market risk hedging advice to corporates and banks through an innovative traditional advisory approach and a range of digital products.  

Exposure Management

Advice to companies and banks


Risk assessment of corporates for banks


Automated hedging for companies


Marketrisikreporting for Corporates


Platform for the exchange of market risks between companies

Find top knowledge worldwide. 

The marketplace for expert knowledge.

What do clients (companies seeking knowledge or services from experts) expect?

Imagine B2BCockpit as an infinitely large department stores’ where your company can purchase all the know-how required in the B2B sector worldwide from international service providers according to its own needs.

What awaits knowledge providers (companies that sell knowledge and services to companies)?

Companies such as tax and legal advisors, HR specialists, marketing and IT service providers, etc. can provide and bill globally for standardised or specialised content on B2BCockpit. In addition, you can market your services directly via B2BCockpit.

Support for innovative ideas

You have an innovative idea and are looking for a partner with experience and connections in the banking, financial market, e-learning or IT sectors? Then SPARC is the right place for you. Contact us and we will talk about your ideas.


Your opinion is important to us. Whether it’s a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here for you 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.


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